Monday, December 23, 2013

You Tube Video - Cookie dress up dolls

Hi y'all. I have made up a video on how to make the edible clothes for the cookie dress up dolls I posted a bit back so you can see how really, really easy it is.

Like super easy, just as easy as clicking on the picture below.

I'm trying to get out a weekly video, it's my new goal so if you subscribe to my channel up in the kinda top right here on the blog or via youtube you should get updated when new video's come out.

If there is anything I've done in the past which you would like a video please let me know.

I've also made one for my sugar cookies as well (Click picture below for link) where I let the dough set really hard overnight and work it back to a workable consistency.

Those unicorn cookies (Click link below for link). Oh and I'm halfway through putting together the video on the wall mounted unicorn cake as well.

I hope you enjoy my video tutorials, I'm enjoying making them.

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  1. A very Merry Christmas to you Linda and your family! I hope that you had a wonderful day full of food and fun :D

  2. The back is adjustable, and it is understandable why it was designed that way. My daughter had a lot of compliments, and her older cousin plans to borrow the dress for a formal event soon.

  3. Just found you on Pinterest and I'm loving everything. Thank you for all the exact directions and the time you take in making a tutorial. Such a help for us amateurs. Also love your accent...where are you from?

    1. Hi Lexy thanks for your lovely comment it makes the time I put in worth it :) I'm from Brisbane Australia.