Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sweet Memories royal icing and lace cake

I made a cake.

A white lace cake with rustic rough royal icing and decorations inspired by doilies and broderie anglaise lace. It's all about the contrasting textures.....and the cake.

The cascade of 'flowers' match the doily inspired decorations.

Mr Sweet said I should have just stuck paper doilies on the side of the cake, it would have taken less time.

After all this time he still doesn't get it.........

I guess Mr Sweet and I are like the cake, all kind of contrasting textures, but in the end it just works.

I've called the cake Sweet Memories.

To make the broderie anglaise type lace and flowers I used these eyelet cutter for the little holes, they come in ones like in the link below and also with 3 or 5 holes.


Inside the cake is gluten free orange and almond with dark chocolate ganache. It's covered with royal icing and fondant 'lace' decorations. It was 8 inches (20cm) across and 6 inches (15cm) tall.


I picked my cake stand up from Tacey Lau a while back but I am unsure if she still is selling at the moment. I did find this cake stand below which would be totally perfect for the cake. You can't quite see in the picture until you click the link but it has sweet little eyelet holes like the cake, and they have like matching plates - I know - perfect !!!!
Gracie China, Victorian Rose Collection, 8-Inch Skirted Cake Stand, White Fine Porcelain

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  1. Just found your blog and am now following along..xx

  2. Wow, Your cake is amazing, Linda!

  3. That is gorgeous Linda! I saw your progress on facebook and was wondering how it would end up! :D

  4. What a beautiful cake - and I love that eyelet cake stand!

  5. Super original... le ha quedado precioso... pero ¿podría, por favor, facilitarme algún tutorial de como hacer esos adornos? muchas gracias
    saludos y bendiciones

  6. really inspiring..very french chic.I love the concept and bet the cake tasted good too.

  7. Hello. I love this cake so much. It has really nice concept and very intelligent idea. I'm also writing an amateur blog "home kitten" about home designing. If you interest please check: cheers.

  8. Gorgeous! You really know how to make cakes worth the envy of all bakers. Love them. Got my eye on your next posts.