Friday, October 26, 2012

Munchy Mummy Cookies

These munchy mummy cookies were hands down the kids favorite from the Halloween Babushka cookies I made up.

In case you've missed the last few posts I have a set of terrifying adorable babushka Halloween cookies that I whipped up and am trying to make my way through the tutorials before the 31st of October.

So far I have posted the instructions for:

Evil Ghost (Click here for instructions)
Screaming Ghoul (Click here for instructions) and
Cute Monster (Click here for instructions)

Tip - If you make these munchy mummy's try to roll out the fondant as thin as possible as there ends up being a bit more than I usually use due to the double layer.

You can either use a beige look 'bandaid' wrapping like I did in the picture or the plain white fondant would look just as good.

I was even going to make up a pink version before I ran out of time and had to pack the kitchen up.......maybe next Halloween.


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Munchy Mummy Halloween Babushka Cookies Instructions

Ingredients and Equipment
Babushka sugar cookies (baked and ready to decorate I used the recipe from Sweets on a Stick)
Babushka cookie cutter 
Beige or white Ready Roll Fondant
Black Ready Roll Fondant
small rolling pin
clean food safe brush and water
Sharpe Knife
cornflour (corn starch) or crisco/oil for rolling out fondant
Edible Eyes - shop bought or make your own from Royal Icing CLICK HERE

1. Knead the beige (or white) fondant until pliable. Dust the workbench with cornflour (corn starch) or rub on a little crisco/oil and roll out the fondant until a couple of mm's (1/8") thin. Using the cookie cutter, press down and cut out a babushka shape.

Brush the cookie with a small amount of water and press the fondant onto the cookie. Use the small rolling pin to adhere the fondant to the cookie by pressing down lightly, if necessary gently roll out the fondant to the sides of the cookie by lightly rolling the rolling pin towards the edge.

2. Roll out a small amount of black fondant in an uneven circle and attach to the face area using a small amount of water.

3. Cut some of the remaining beige fondant into thin bandaid strips using the sharp knife.

4. Brush a tiny amount of water onto the fondant covered cookie, avoiding the black face and then adhere the bandaid strips in a random fashion, leaving a stripe of black face showing. Use the sharp knife to trim the excess bandaid strips away from the cookie.

5. Brush a little water on the black strip and adhere a set of eyes to the face area.

** The cookie cutters I used are from Bisk-art and the easy vanilla sugar cookie dough recipe I used is from Sweets on a Stick.

Or here at fishpond (Aus/NZ)

Sweets on a Stick: More Than 150 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Cakes, Candies, Cookies, and Pies on the Go!


  1. Wow you are so talented! I would never have thought of making the mummy cookie like this. They look quite cute too, the kids would love it. :)

  2. These are fabulous as always. I love "the scream" one.

  3. every single one of your cookies has been awesome but i think this one is my favourite. I was looking at edible eyes yesterday, this is a fantastic use for them.