Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ant picnic in the park cake and cookies and a little secret

This fun ant picnic cake was for a friend's picnic in the park party for her son's birthday.

Shh don't tell everyone but I'm going to share a secret.......although the bottom cake is super delicious chocolate buttercake covered with butter cream frosting the top 6" cake is actually a styro foam (fake) covered with fondant and then topped with hand made ant picnic figurines and decorations.

Sometimes I do that with the cakes and make a fake cake for the top tier.....although it's pretty much just as much work (well apart from making the cake and frosting) you don't end up with all that left over cake and you can make it a little bit in advance. It's a neat trick if you know you'll be a little rushed for time before the party.

When Daneve from Ah-Tissue mentioned she was throwing together this super fun filled party, I offered to help out with the cake, so she kindly directed me to her pintrest inspiration board.

and I totally did not spend hours looking at perfect white kitchens, fabulous shoes and hairstyles that I could never actually do, let alone wear.

Ok maybe I did just for a little bit :) Afterwards I had a peek at Daneve's party inspiration board, and noticed a bit of red gingham and quite a few ants......

Anyway so ants.....I'm not a huge fan of ants on food so I thought I would try a kinda cute cartoonish ant look for the treats, in the hope the kids would like them and so that it wouldn't completely freak me out.

To match the cake I made these square cookies with hand cut details for the ants, fondant red gingham and ant track drawn on with edible black pen.

and a plate piled with red macarons with filled with white chocolate raspberry ganache finished off my contribution.

Seriously Bubble and Sweet are having a totally awesome time
I'm not quite sure what's going on with the pose in this photo ???

WOW the actual party was so fun, with little picnic blankets, kids meal packs, and a great selection of sandwiches and salads to make your own picnic lunch.

As mentioned above Daneve from Ah-Tissue styled the party with a cute gingham theme. And I think quite a few of the party table pieces were from Creatively Bespoke Weddings & Events.

I truly loved all the little food packs it was such a great idea, and the suitcase of park friendly toys like frisbees and balls was a great touch.

 Make your own ice-cream stand - YES please

It was a fabulous fun filled morning.


 The Birthday Boy - awe he was such a sweet little host (photo by Darren Frankish)

Head on over to the Ah-Tissue blog if you want to see more photo's of the super cute picnic in the park party.


  1. Fab - love the red gingham, perfect for a picnic party! The ants are very cute, not at all freaky!


  2. What a cute party!! I love the ants!

  3. Your ant figurines are perfect Linda! Love the picnic table too! :P

  4. Great job & I love the watermelon on a stick too :)

  5. The ant picnic is such a creative idea. I love the characters you created.

  6. I don't just love ants myself, but you made them adorable!!!

  7. I am absolutely amazed by your blog! Delicious and incredible !

  8. YOUR ants are so cute! Love all the details at their little picnic table too:) Your little girls look so stylish!