Monday, October 10, 2011

Mermaid Cookie Tutorial

Phew - I just could not get myself motivated to do up this tutorial for the Mermaid Cookie Pops I made for Lilli's 7th Birthday party.

I've had a busy couple of months so this is just going to be a short and to the point post on how I made up the cookies.

I have had a stack of enquiries about where I got the mermaid cookie cutter. I picked mine up from Kitchenwear Plus at Logan Queensland Australia. It's a d-line brand cutter and I also spied it here at another shop on-line.

But if you can't find the same cutter I used, just use another mermaid cutter and apply the same technique, it should all work out in the end.

and cause I'm too tired to think up anything witty or cute I'll just pop a pic of Lilli's birthday party here. If you missed the post on the party you can find it by clicking HERE.

Mermaid Cookies

Ingredients and Equipment

Mermaid Sugar Cookies - I used the sugar cookie recipe from my soon to be released Sweets on a Stick: More Than 150 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Cakes, Candies, Cookies, and Pies on the Go!
Mermaid Cookie Cutter
Ready Roll Fondant or Marshmallow Fondant (Mine was white, light aqua, slightly darker aqua, green and skin tone) Keel fondant in an airtight container or ziplock bag as it dries out quickly. Knead well before use.
Small Rolling Pin
Sharp Knife
Cake molding tools (see picture)
small flower cutter (I used a plunger cause they are easier)
small brush and water
small dry brush and pink edible dusting powder (optional)
Cornflour (corn starch) for dusting
Black edible pen

Roll out the skin tone fondant onto a cornflour dusted workbench. Cut out a mermaid shape using the cutter. Using the sharp knife carefully cut out hand shapes where the arms end on the cookie cutter (see picture).

Roll out the light aqua fondant on the cornflour dusted workbench and cut out a mermaid shape using the same cutter.

Place the skin tone fondant shaped on top of the aqua shape and using the sharp knife cut through both layers of fondant in a V shape at the waist. Cut the 'arms' from the aqua shape so you are left with just the tail. Take the top of the skintone shape and the bottom of the aqua shape and adhere to the cookie with a little water. Use the rolling pin to push the fondant out to the edges of the cookie as required. The hand shapes should sit on top of the blue mermaid tail.

Use the cake tools to make 'scale' indents into the tail and draw lines into the ends of the tail. If you do not have these tools use what ever you have handy. You could use the edge of a piping tip to make the scales and the sharpe knife would work nicely to make the indents.

Roll out the white fondant on a cornflour dusted workbench and cut out a mermaid shape using the cutter. The white fondant will be the top, use the sharpe knife to cut out a V neckline, sleeves and a V shape at the waist (see picture for example). Adhere the white top to the mermaid cookie with a little water.

Make the mermaid hair by rolling out the dark aqua fondant and cutting thin strips. Twist the strips to make the hair appear twirly, cut into different lengths and adhere to the mermaid head working down from the top around the face area (do not just stick it all on the top of the head or it will look odd). I used about 8 pieces of different lengths and made the hair. Repeat the process of making the hair with the light aqua color and then white.

Roll out the green fondant on a cornflour dusted workbench and cut out a small flower.

Press into the hair part and add a small amount of rolled fondant for the center or press in an edible silver ball.
Allow the fondant to dry a little and then using the edible pen draw on a face. I went with simple eyes and mouth, well pretty much as I am terrible at drawing and I find the simpler the better.#

Optional - Use a small dry brush to brush on a little pink dusting powder to make rosy cheeks. Just use a small amount, you can always add more if needed but you can't remove it. Use a clean brush to remove the excess dust.

#hint - I like to cut out some fondant a couple of hours before I draw the faces and try a few different types to see what will work best and it's also a good way to test out the dusting powder, you don't want to be too heavy handed.


  1. Oh how the mermaid (scuba diver) in me loves these cookies. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  2. Amazing tutorial! it must have taken ages to make all the ones for the party.

  3. Oh I love tutorials, cookies, and this party theme! Thanks so much for taking the time to show us!

    - Sarah

  4. Thanks for your ever helpful tutorials Linda! And I must say I absolutely loved the cascade of tissue paper pom poms in that table pic!

  5. You are amazing, Linda! I just LOVE this cookie~It's so pretty and detailed!

  6. So so brilliant Linda. The hair is genius.
    Steph @ Bondville