Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Invite with Style shoot

I just had to share some pictures with you of  Invite with Style's new range of wedding stationery.

I made some of the treats scattered around the shots.

 I guess I don't have much to say about this other than WOW it all looks so pretty.

Oh and of course head on over to Invite with Style not only do they design elegant and beautiful wedding stationery they also have a range of children's invitations and a graphic design business called Design with Style. I know super talented (and nice as well)!

I am thinking of popping up some tutorials on the wedding cookies I made, then you can make your own treats to match the stationery, how cool would that be.


Invite with Style beautiful stationery

Photography Deep Grey 

Styling Imbue Weddings


  1. You have the best job! Amazing photos, just stunning.

  2. How exciting! Your cookies look gorgeous. I'd love to see them more clearly:)

  3. So beautiful!

    Everything look so perfect.

  4. The wedding cake cookies are just darling! Will we see those on an upcoming post? Pretty please? :)

  5. Your cookies and macarons look beautiful, they compliment the pretty stationery perfectly!

  6. ARGH- they look gorgeous, particularly the little basket. Love.