Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have yourself a Merry Aussie Christmas

Catherine G, Chris E and Megan S this prawn cake pop is for you (please don't anyone report me to Cake wrecks this pop is a joke).

When I asked on my facebook page what kind of treats you wanted for Christmas there was a varied response.

But a couple of you suggested some Australian Christmas treats, you know seeings as it's summer here and  we don't have any snowflakes, furry hats and snowmen in December.

I thought about it for a while, I searched for what a true Aussie Christmas is and what I found is that we are a country with many different traditions and cultures.......no surprises there.

I live in Brisbane Queensland and about a half hour drive to the beautiful Gold Coast. Growing up Christmas celebrations meant prawns (shrimp), pavlova, mango, beaches and a bit of cricket. It's Christmas to me but just doesn't lend itself to a bunch of pretty Christmas treats.

So I thought about what Christmas really means to me:

  • Family
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Sharing

and you know what no matter how diverse our country is or what culture we come from I think these values can work for everyone, and not just in Australia.

I was going to make a bunch of sugar cookies with the words stamped onto them but I just didn't get time and all that would fit on the cake pops was Joy.

Fittingly that was also what I felt when I bit into this pop.
There are some basic instructions after the jump

Directions on how I made these pops.

Make some fondant disks about the size you want your pops to end up mine were around 4cm (a bit over 1 1/2 inch).

For the Joy pops I used some stamps that I only use for food purposes to stamp the letters onto the disks using Wilton Christmas Red food gel coloring. I then added some non toxic food glitter with a paint brush.

Once dry you can carefully remove the excess glitter.

For the faux wreaths I cut out the disks then using a piping tip I removed a circle in the center. I let these ones dry out before I painted some freehand messy circles with a really fine paint brush using Wilton White white icing colour and then quickly added edible silver stars. The little stars just stuck onto the colour easy peasy.

I can't believe I'm writing instructions up for this but for the prawn pop I let the disks dry and then handpainted the prawn using brushes I save for food use only. The colours I used were Americolor orange and black. But if you want a prawn on a stick I think the real thing would be great on a BBQ.

Then follow the instructions for the tim tam lollipop(click here) cookies up to where they are dipped in chocolate. Once the chocolate is set adhere the disks to the pops.
Pom Poms in the background are from Ah Tissue, Australian Made and original just like these cake pops.


  1. Just too Fabulous to eat....on second thought....looks to good not to eat...yummmm

  2. Merry Christmas to you Linda and may it be very full of Joy (pops!) :)

  3. I can't not comment on the prawn pop. That's too funny! I wonder what Christmas Sweets define Australia too. Traditionally there's puddings and dense cakes, which are the last thing you want on a hot Christmas day!

  4. Lovelly!!
    Un beso, Isabel

  5. When we think about the true meaning of Christmas, we are left with simple emotions that anyone can relate to. We experience enjoyment, expect, and love for others. Let's strive to experience all the emotions related with the true meaning of Christmas in their purest and most wonderful forms. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Beautiful Cake Pops!

    I'm in Brisbane too and feel rather deprived missing out on snow, colds nights, warm eggnog and sitting by the fire for Christmas :( But Christmas is still a special time and I love sharing it with my family.

  7. I love these pops, especially the shrimp-ha ha! They are all so pretty! Your Christmas weather sounds very similar to ours:) We are 8 miles from the coast, as the crow flies.

  8. Love them ;0)
    I miss my Aussie Christmas, think I may need to celebrate it in June over here to get the same effect lol

  9. perfect pops. So brilliant to use the stamps on them. love.