Thursday, June 10, 2010

Debbie Brown Cake Decorating Workshop in Brisbane

Squeee - this is the sound of me squealing in excitement. I have just booked in for a Debbie Brown Cake decorating workshop to be held in Brisbane, Australia in a couple of weeks time.

Debbie Brown is the author of numerous amazing cake decorating books. I just had a quick peek in my bookshelf and saw I have 50 Easy Party Cakes, Enchanted Cakes for Children and Cartoon Cakes, and I can't say this about all my decorating books I have actually used these books to make at least 4 different cakes I can remember with pretty good results. 

50 Easy Party CakesEnchanted Cakes for Children

Warner Bros. Cartoon Cakes

and when I just popped into the online bookstore to get these pics - I saw a new book on the way pictured below Gorgeous and Gruesome cakes for children. Wahoo! looks fabulous.

Gorgeous and Gruesome Cakes for Children

Anyhoo back to the workshops, there are 4 different workshops with a different cake to be made each day, I wish I could attend them all but I had to contain myself and just pick one.

If your thinking of attending  you will need to bring some of your own equipment a rolling pin, cake smoothers- a turntable and a small knife.

At the end of the day you get to take home your very own made with your own hands and love creation.

Bookings are via

Here is a link to her website Debbie Brown


  1. Seems all the most fabulous decorating workshops are in Australia! Darn! :)

  2. Yes we do seem to be a bit lucky at the moment. Planet Cake has courses in Brisbane as well and we have a Hilton Masterclass coming up in July.

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