Sunday, October 28, 2018

Flamingo Costume being busy but still on trend

I think the problem with blogging is that we all become perfectionists.

We want that photo. That perfectly perfect win pintrest totally insta worthy photo that looks like it was styled for a magazine.

But when I look back at why I started the blog it was to keep a log of my baking and along the way of my life and my family and recently there has been a hole.

Not a hole in our lives. Well maybe in part of mine, but I guess that's another different story and I'm currently making an effort to be unbusy to fill that hole with things that are important for me instead of always being so 'busy' I don't have time for me.

But luckily there has not been a hole in my family and what we do together. We still do stuff but I don't always have the time to stop and get that picture perfect moment because we have been living those moments.

This flamingo costume is a perfect example. I've wanted to post it here for a little while and I felt I needed some great pictures. But it's already almost Halloween and I've decided it's now or never so I'm just using my phone pictures from the day.

Anyhoo this costume came about because it was Sweet's last book week this year and we decided to be on trend and dress as a flamingo. I think I've mentioned here before I'm not always such a great planner which is why I have to make my own cakes and costumes. Plus as a rule we don't really buy costumes for book week.

We love book week click here for link to previous book week costumes

So we used a pinata. Yup a pinata with the bottom cut open stuck on Sweet's head and for the record this is not even close to the most embarrassing book week costume my kids have worn. We picked up the pinata from Variety 1 discount store Springwood.

I actually think it's kinda awesome and if you are careful with the pinata you can totally reuse it for a party.

The rest of the costume is just a pink boa, pettiskirt which the girls have had since Bubble was about 5 and a pink jacket with a little pink face paint and glitter.

Our book was Flora and the Flamingo which is a sweet picture book with a lovely message about friendship and communication.

Anyway I am thinking this opens up a whole stack of easy to make costumes............Remember when we made that swan pinanta.

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